Sunday, October 18, 2009

House Planning and Land Speculation

I have to apologize to my loyal core following who dutifully checked in every few days until it became obvious that I was no longer updating this blog in a timely fashion.
They've all migrated back to looking at dirty pictures, online gambling or whatever else they did before.
I have a valid excuse for my distraction, I'm actually involved in trying to buy a piece of land near me for a homesite. My friends think I'm nuts, they love my house and think I should never part with it. To them, I say: "make an offer.."

The deal is complicated by the fact that the lot won't "perk". Probably due to the fact that it is very near the top of Shades Mountain, and is approx 3 feet of earth over sandstone. We're having to determine how much it will cost to have a non-conventional septic system installed.

I also have to determine the suitability to build the kind of house I want.

I'm also interviewing builders.

Bear with me.

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