Wednesday, February 24, 2010

K. Fimster

We lost a friend last night.

Paul was many things- some consistently, some at different times: A dreamer, a pragmatist, a scoundrel, a father, a son, a salesman, a writer, a tinkerer, a promoter, a wastrel, a wanderer, a friend. He was at times infuriating, engaging, inspiring, hilarious and kind.

While nearly all of us feel we've suffered injustice in our lives, Paul suffered very real injustice and it nearly defeated him, but ultimately, he chose to live on with optimism and joy.

He was the common thread that bound the fabric of the lives of many of us, and many of my most treasured friends are known to me only because Paul brought us together either directly or indirectly.

Also, bless the Sisters of Sacred Heart Convent in Cullman Alabama, for their kindness and loving grace. They have my eternal love, respect and gratitude for their part in a spirit restored.

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