Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road Trip Planning: Oxford-Clarksdale Mississippi

I'm veering from my regular routine of obsessing over our semi-distant trip to Taos this summer to start planning a long weekend in Mississippi.

I've always wanted to visit Oxford, MS, which is notable for The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), William Faulkner, The Grove on campus, great Restaurants/Bars, and the prettiest girls in the SEC. We'll just have to see about that.

Secondly, I love to photograph nature, rural scenes and run-down crap (have you seen my work?) and I love music which sends us on to Clarksdale in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. I hope to go in the fall when the cotton is in full boll and being harvested. It will take a little coordination to get all that on a weekend when Ole Miss is playing an away game so we can find a room in Oxford, though I would like to see the legendary pre-game tailgating in The Grove.

Back to Clarksdale, though. I'd like to stay at the place described here:

In fact, I sort of envy this guy. It looks like he's made a pretty cool life for himself.

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