Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rose Hill Cemetary, Macon Georgia

Rose Hill is a very old, very interesting place that figures prominently in music history. It is a place where the Allman Brothers Band drew inspiration for many of their great songs, and serves as final resting place for two of the band's founders; Duane Allman and Berry Oakley.I used to visit Macon routinely for work and always enjoyed myself. Leanna and I went last spring, arrived in town just before sunset and went directly to this cemetary to take some photos. Unfortunately, the keepers decided to lock the gates with us (and our car) inside. We escaped, but it took some brute strength and ingenuity.(NOTE: CLOSES AT SUNDOWN)

This is the tombstone that inspired the song "Little Martha", a lovely instrumental. It is the grave of Martha Ellis, who died very young, and has the text "Our Little Martha" on the base.

The gravestone that inspired "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (Elizabeth Reed Napier) is also here somewhere.

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