Friday, September 18, 2009

Boulder to Birmingham-Emmylou Harris

She even does grief beautifully.

Emmylou Harris (born April 2, 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an American country singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to her work as a solo artist and bandleader, both as an interpreter of other composers' works and as a singer-songwriter, she is a sought-after backing vocalist and duet partner, working with numerous other highly successful, well-known artists.

A seminal track off the 1975 album Pieces of the Sky by Emmylou Harris. It has served as something of a signature tune for the artist and recounts her feelings of grief in the years following the death of Country-Rock star and mentor Gram Parsons. The song is famous for its chorus "I would rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham/I would hold my life in his saving grace/I would walk all the way from Boulder to Birmingham/If I thought I could see, I could see your face."

From a German television show, circa 1975.
If it weren't for the English and Germans, there would be virtually no quality video to chronicle a lot of classic music from the 60s and 70s. (Unless it was Woodstock or the Last Waltz)

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