Thursday, September 17, 2009

Randy "Rabbit" White


Words excerpted from an email from Glen Reid.

I flew up and spent a weekend with Randy back in June when he was still lucid and trying to fight the thing. We had a really good visit and just hated that it took that sort of thing to get us all together....When leaving I knew I probably would never see him again on this planet, but I treasure the time spent. Randy kept his spirits until the bitter end and was going to fight it as long as the doctors held out any hope. Unfortunately, when he was first diagnosed back in March they said it was already a "monster" and it just never responded to any treatments they were able to offer. It had spread so far that they stopped all treatments except pain management a couple of weeks ago and he knew it wouldn't be long. I hope that when my time comes I face it as gracefully, as practically, and with as many friends as did Randy. Ya know, I don't think anyone who knew him didn't like him...I can think of no "enemies," and that is rare!
This also makes me think of the friendships that I have established over the years. I want all of you to know how much I value and truly love each of you. I never want to lose the relationships that we have even if we aren't in daily contact...a person's friends are truly a measure of his time spent in this life.

With love...peace...GR

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