Friday, June 12, 2009

NYC October 2000: David Letterman and Warren Zevon

We travelled to New York in October 2000 and were fortunate to have Letterman tickets. More correctly, we were "on the list" as they don't issue tickets and really try to eliminate any possiblity of scalping. Therefore, getting in and seated was only slightly less difficult than getting out of East Berlin (that's another story). We were thrilled when we found that Warren Zevon was replacing Paul Schaeffer for illness or something. Zevon wasn't the musical guest that night (Jewel) so the attached clip is from an older appearance. I remember Zevon did "Veracruz" during one of the commercial breaks.We stayed in the Ameritania Hotel, which is directly attached to The Ed Sullivan Theater on the right. Tiny room, great location.
I took this photo of the iconic Flatiron Building on that trip.The World Trade Centers as seen from Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, 11 months before 9/11.

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