Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steely Dan played in Alabama last night (and I didn't go???)

In my defense, it was down on the Gulf Coast and I've seen them twice in the last several years.(in Chicago and Charlotte) I just couldn't pull it off as I have a flight to catch Tuesday at the crack-o-freakin-dawn.

After years of being non-performing studio wizards followed by years of relative inactivity, they've emerged as a first class touring outfit.

I hear good things about the show, here's the setlist:

Steely Dan live 2009: Setlist The Wharf, Orange Beach, Alabama
June 19, 2009

Time Out Of Mind
Show Biz Kids
Bad Sneakers
Two Against Nature
Black Friday
Don't Take Me Alive
Hey Nineteen
Parker's Band
Deacon Blues
Daddy Don't LIve In That New York City No More
Green Earrings
Love Is Like An Itching... with band intros
Do It Again
Kid Charlemagne

My Old School

A major subject of conversation "would they play Deacon Blues?", as it hadn't been played yet this tour. Yes they did, they're oddballs, but not completely clueless.

They closed with "My Old School", and a favorite album "Katy Lied" was well represented. Dang, if they'd done "Here At The Western World", I'd be even more truly bummed to have missed this..

They are playing a few more US dates after they return from Europe, maybe I'll catch one.

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