Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet The Readers: Part 9

"Samya" is a longtime relative and all-around cool dude.

He enjoys:
American Muscle Cars, people who pay their credit card bills on time, irony, living a glamorous rockstar lifestyle his cousins can only dream of, hot sexy exotic babe(s), DC area sports teams (particularly the Redskins), standing in front of iconic buildings wearing sunglasses, tailgating, perfect hair, real estate appreciation, monitoring the interweb for random and/or funny pics, BBQ, photo-gray lenses and living miles and miles and miles away from his nearest blood relatives.

He dislikes:
Hillbilly relatives posting his image on inane blogs calling attention to the fact that he is genetically no better than the rest of us (well, maybe a little better), couch-surfing deadbeats, visiting his hillbilly relatives in Bluff Park AL, and the traditional 5-day workweek.

An interesting fact: Sam has apparently made a deal with the devil in return for eternal youth.


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