Sunday, February 22, 2009

"In my mind, I'm already gone..."

We are vacationing in Taos, NM this summer. We have booked a really spectacular Adobe mini-mansion for the last week in June with another couple and I am starting to obsess about this trip.

I like to travel in a way that immerses me in the local culture, allowing me to imagine what it would be like to live there. Taos has a strong Cowboy, Indian, Artist and Hippie culture and is celebrating the anniversary of the filming of "Easy Rider" in Taos with an art exhibit curated by Dennis Hopper and some other events. It's being billed as "The Summer of Love 2009" or some such.

I've taken my imaginings a bit further and created this age-progressed photo of us should we decide to go "off the reservation", and throw off the shackles of the bogus materialistic hangups of contemporary society. We could build a "yurt" off the grid, sustaining ourselves with proceeds from Leanna's weaving and necklace making, and I could bang out tunes on my guitar for tips.

This is what we will look like.

So, that's an option.

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