Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet The Readers (Part 2)

Disclaimer:::: "Readers" indicates individuals who may or may not actually read "The Narcissist's Cookbook".

"Bron" is also a longtime compatriot/ Bass Player

He enjoys: Bringing the Funk, other people's whiskey, astronomy, hot tubbin', lingerie shopping (ladies undergarments in general), knowing everything, and boating.

He dislikes: Paper hats, losing, waves of unsolicited email, the entire Neil Diamond catalog, and lead singers.

An interesting fact: Bron insists it is purely a coincidence that he married a woman with unusually small hands.

Hey Kids!
a) Want to be included in a future "Meet The Readers" installment?
b) Don't want to be included, but expect to be anyway?
c) Own a flattering image of yourself?

Send your photo to me!

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