Friday, May 1, 2009

Brush With Greatness: Stevie Nicks

I had a memorable experience at a Fleetwood Mac concert at the BJCC in 1978 (I think).

I had made my way up through the crowd (that's another story), and was pressed up against a speaker on the far right side of the stage. I was enjoying getting a close look at them. Stevie was in her "most desirable woman on earth" phase so it was hard to take my eyes off of her. Anyway, she was spinning and dancing in a white gauze dress, with white stockings and ballet-type slippers, and as one of the songs was ending, she headed directly over to where I was.
The stage was about 5 ft high and I was jammed hard against the speaker. She came up, propped an elbow on it, looked directly at me, then executed a high kick to punctuate the last note of the song.

(What I later realized, she was measuring the distance that she could extend her knee for her kick)

When her foot went up, It whooshed right past my nose and I found myself (almost) alone for a long moment in a beautiful gauze parachute.

It was quite a moment, and probably a significant contributor to my white stocking fetish... bless you Stevie.


  1. She lives in my hometown a couple miles up the road - down-to-earth - and still damn pretty.

  2. Hey wait a minute. I think I was there.