Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet The Readers: Part 7

"Kilgrow" is a long-time friend, chick magnet, "professional" artist, and someone who probably aspires to be more like me.

He enjoys: The fact that a particularly beautiful, charming and otherwise intelligent young woman has agreed to marry him, passengers who enter his car "Dukes Of Hazzard" style, goat farmers/entrepreneurs with messianic complexes, cheerfully tending bar at church socials, goaltending, free BBQ, team building, and mentoring my kids out of sheer spite.

He dislikes: Long-term real estate holdings, automobiles with an odd number of functioning entries/egresses, sitting still, and the lack of a cohesive National Universal Health Care policy.

An interesting fact: He claimed he would read this blog if I publish a statement-(like something the Unabomber or Zodiac Killer would do) I declined.


  1. What's this rumor about turning his car into the Mr. Man II Mobile?

    Cuz, if it's true, I just finished painting my porch, I'll supply the brushes.....

  2. Austin? Check, they'll have links to shows - Unplugged At The Grove may still be on in July, and there are other free concerts around.

  3. nice, real nice, and somewhat true

  4. "Somewhat true?".. These facts are the result of years of observation. I stand by my findings.