Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Jackalope" Santa Fe, NM

"Jackalope" is a big indoor/outdoor emporium with multiple shops and vendors on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe.
They have reasonably priced merchandise from Mexico, Central and South America
Even more reasonable? Just taking pictures of souvenirs rather than buying them! (Like these Peruvian "Dia Los Muertes" figurines)

The whole place was crawling with semi-professional photographers. There were more folks with long lenses than customers.
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The hat vendor was German, so I resorted to lowballing and haranguing him in his native language and still only managed to get $5 knocked off the price of a hat. (Not this hat, I have better taste)

I call the above photo: "Curious George's friend 'the man in the yellow hat' with a glandular disorder"

Uncanny, isn't it?

CLEARLY not qualified...

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The Prairie Dog enclosure is a nice touch, along with the exotic petting zoo which featured jackasses, peacocks, and a cage of pigeons

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