Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stuffed Avocado, Trudy's- Austin, TX

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It's hard to imagine anything I would be less likely to order in a restaurant than something called a "Stuffed Avocado". Firstly, I don't really like avocados, the texture, color, and flavor confuses and scares me. I sometimes enjoy Guacamole, but it has to be fresh GREAT guacamole. Most mass produced Guac is a really disturbing deep-green color and a has a strange pulpy consistency. Thanks, NO.
Secondly, I can't visualize or imagine what a stuffed avocado would taste like-or even look like for that matter.

That being said, I sampled the stuffed avocado at Trudy's at 30th and Guadalupe in Austin. (Leanna ordered it) Even though it was highly recommended by a local acquaintance I still couldn't pull the trigger. All I can say is: Oh my Gawd! It was delicious. Hollowed, stuffed with a chicken and cheese mixture, deep fried and topped with cheese and sauce.

It tasted like what I imagine that place between Ashley Judd's boobs would. (not pictured) Trudy's website isHere

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